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iOS Enterprise signature

Install directly to iOS system, avoid jailbreak, directly install and test, no shelf, safe and stable

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Apple Individual signature

It ownself has core technology,safe and stable

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Apple TestFlight signature

Distributing new models TestFlight,Apple official approval,no any risk

Apple Individual signature

Different iOS signatures, different advantages.

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Because the mechanism is different from the signature of enterprises, bidding farewell to the risk of signing off, you only need to pay the cost of customer dropping once.


There is no limit to the number of downloads to install the app on the same device.

Free Worry

Charge per unit of equipment.

More Stable

Unique mechanism makes the signature more stable,relieve trouble of revoke certificate.

Apple TestFlight Signature

Apple's official products.

It's more stable.

Professional senior technical team service.

One-to-one services, so that your application can be better and faster for internal testing.

Convenient installation

We have optimized the download page flow,Make it easier for test users to download the installation,Low cost of user communication.

Zero risk, few restrictions

Distribution links no longer worry about masking risk and no device restrictions,It can be downloaded and used on any Apple device,Let you have the most cost-effective experience.

iOS Enterprise Signature

Very stable private iOS Enterprise Certificate. Exclusive to elite customer and limited.

IOS Enterprise Certificate Signing.No bookshelves, no jailbreak installation, no restrictions on iOS devices, no restrictions on installation

Professional development team

Average 6 years of iOS development experience, provide free technical advice, troubleshoot and answer technical questions.

Multiple package options

According to users' needs, different packages are provided and updates are free.To provide users with the most affordable services.

7*24 hours customer service

We will provide professional services 24 hours a day and 24 hours a day,Provide services to users at any time.

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Indevidual sign


  • free update any time
  • one device install many only use one device
  • 1 Years longest use
  • The biggest ipa 700MB

TF sign


  • max 10000 downloads
  • apple office distribute
  • 90 day test and extended longer
  • all type app can shelves

enterprise sign


  • Unlimited downloads
  • free repair and update
  • free Technical support


We have a professional team to solve all kinds of technical problems for you, and 24 hours online customer service to answer after-sales problems.


Q: Do I need to provide the source code of the APP?

A: No need to provide, only need to provide adhoc version of the installation package in ipa format.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the size of the installation package?

A: The maximum application package size does not exceed 748M.

Q: What are the payment methods?

A: Please check our payment method option.

Q: How long does it take to sign?

A: After uploading the IPA installation package, start signing. Generally speaking, signing is completed within 5 minutes.

Q: How to upload IPA installation package after recharge?

A: Enter the "Application Management" page in the background of the system, click "Add Application", and follow the process to upload successfully. If you are not logged in, you can click "Login" in the page or "Sign Now" in the banner to enter the background login page, enter the account password to log in and upload.

Q: Can signed apps be found in the App Store?

A: No, the super-signed app can directly send the link to the user for installation, no proxy, no Apple account, no Apple review


We work closely with major companies around the world.

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